LEITNER Leinenmanufaktur - Melange - the new upholstery fabric

Melange - the new upholstery fabric

Our new upholstery fabric, made from 100% linen, is available in 8 subtle and captivating colourways.
LEITNER Leinenmanufaktur - The new 2020 colours

The new 2020 colours

Discover the 6 new colours from our 2020 collection - from classic naturals to bright and vibrant pink or mint.
LEITNER Leinenmanufaktur - Eden - Welcome to Paradise

Eden - Welcome to Paradise

Our new design Eden made from 100% finest cotton takes you on a trip to an exotic paradise.
Our new catalogue 2020: flip through our brandnew catalogue here

Catalogue 2020

A colourful new decade - discover our novelties in the 2020 catalogue.
LEITNER Leinenmanufaktur - Paris Deco Home 2020

Paris Deco Home 2020

Visit us at Paris Deco Home in January and discover the new Leitner Leinen collection.
LEITNER Leinen - Winter Collection 2019

Winter Collection 2019

Branches laden with pine needles and the cones of pine, juniper, fir, larch, Douglas fir
and Thujopsis are all portrayed with the most amazing accuracy - discover the new design by Leitner Leinen.
Our new winter catalogue 2019: flip through our brandnew catalogue here

Winter Collection 2019

In our latest wintermagazine, you will once again find the fabrics of which Christmas dreams are woven: With Foresta, we invite you to enter the seductive world of Leitner Leinen. Get becharmed and inspired - the season is coming!
LEITNER Leinen - Linens for summer

Linens for summer

Summer is here and with it comes high temperatures and warm nights. It’s not uncommon to experience poor sleep and restlessness when the mercury rises. But summer bed linen can help.
LEITNER Leinen - From flax to linen - Spinning

From flax to linen - Spinning

In our last two blog posts, we joined flax on its journey from sowing to harvest and the preparation of its fibres. Now let’s have a look at how linen thread is made from these flax fibres.
LEITNER Leinen - Picnic time

Picnic time

An outdoor summer picnic can become an unforgettable time with the help of just a few accessories. You don’t need to hike far.
LEITNER Leinen - Have allergies? Choose linen

Have allergies? Choose linen

As a pure natural product, linen is dust and dirt repellent thanks to its natural wax coating. Plus, it is considered lightly anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
LEITNER Leinen - Quality and tradition for more than 160 years

Quality and tradition for more than 160 years

For more than 160 years our family has been devoted to the porduction of fine linens.
LEITNER Leinen - From flax to linen - Processing

From flax to linen - Processing

The second part of our “From Flax to Linen” blog series sheds some light on how flax becomes linen.
LEITNER Leinen - The new beach towels

The new beach towels

Summer is coming! The beach towels in our new colour Laguna let us have a magical sight at the vivid world of marine life.
LEITNER Leinen - From flax to linen - Cultivation

From flax to linen - Cultivation

Linen is a natural product with a production process that is as interesting as it is elaborate. Let’s take a closer look at this process with our blog series "From Flax to Linen".
LEITNER Leinen - Markets 2019

Markets 2019

We are happy about being part of two textile markets in the Mühlviertel region again this year: the Holz- und Webereimarkt in Helfenberg and the Webermarkt in Haslach.
LEITNER Leinen: Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

When springtime with its gentle colour palette starts to blossom, it’s time to rouse your bedroom from its winter slumber. Get your bedroom ready for spring in no time with our help.
LEITNER Leinen: Menara - our new semi-linen

Menara - our new semi-linen

Our new semi-linen-fabric takes us right from the busy alleys of Marrakech to the peace and quiet of a Morrocan Riad.
LEITNER Leinen: An hommage to Ernst Haeckel

An hommage to Ernst Haeckel

His studies achieve to inspire to this day. The unique work of Ernst Haeckel - now captured on fabric.
LEITNER Leinen: Back to the roots

Back to the roots

Over generations the weavers of the Austrian Mühlviertel have created a remarkable collection of traditional patterns. We went on a track for traces ourselves adding a new piece to our heritage.
LEITNER Leinen: The beauty of Mid-Century

The beauty of Mid-Century

In honour of the Golden Age of fancy patterns we recovered this treasure of 1950’s living from our own mill’s walls. Meet Savanna - our 2019 favourite.
LEITNER Leinen: Juno - our new throw-pillow

Juno - our new throw-pillow

Classic weaves of textile art meet and merge with each other, revealing a unique sequence of stripes - that’s Juno.
LEITNER Leinen: Our new interior fabrics

Our new interior fabrics

Pure, straight, simply 100% Linen - discover the new deco fabric collection by Leitner.
LEITNER Leinen: Siena, Umbra & Co.

Siena, Umbra & Co.

Subtle natural shades combined with sophisticated melange-effects help create calming yet very vivid atmospheres. Ambiance pure!
LEITNER Leinen - Winter Collection 2018

Winter Collection 2018

Whilst snow and ice are setting in outside our windows, the new patterns and warm colours of our current winter collection create a cosy atmosphere for any interior.
LEITNER Leinen - Summer 2018

Summer 2018

The glistening of the sea, the lapping sounds of the waves, a fiery-red sunset on the horizon - nothing says "summer" more than this.
LEITNER Leinen - our 2018 colour

Sand - our 2018 colour

Our terry towels are now available in a new refreshing colour. "Sand" makes you longing for exotic beaches and turns your bathroom into paradise.
LEITNER Leinen - Novelties 2018

Novelties 2018

The 2018 collection again offers exciting new designs for every area of living and invites you to redesign your home with dazzling new scenarios.
LEITNER Leinen - the 2018 collection

Natura - the 2018 collection

All facets of the abundance of nature are combined in the new Leitner Leinen 2018 collection.
LEITNER Leinen - Winter collection 2017

Winter collection 2017

With it’s novelties for kitchen and bath the new winter collection by Leitner Leinen brings cosiness to the cold season.
LEITNER Leinen - new Designs 2017

New Designs 2017

2017 LEITNER Leinen will be bringing the sun into your home with new designs that alternate between classic and modern in the form of "Aquarell" and "Josephine"; and the premiere of "Confusion", a design from the pen of Austrian product designer Thomas Feichtner.
LEITNER Leinen - new Colours 2017

New Colours 2017

Mediterranean flair, the colours of southern Europe and a dash of history combine to form a bright yet classic ambience that, like a postcard from distant shores, triggers a longing for the sea and more. From Corsica to Italy,...
Christmas in the Mühlviertel

Christmas in the Mühlviertel

The Mühlviertel region has always been considered the epitome of idyll and tradition. During the Christmas season, however, this enchanting region is transformed into a true winter wonderland. The undulating landscpae presents itself in a deep carpet of snow...
Medici, a Renaissance original pattern with palazzo flair

New Design "Medici"

Textile time travel: The "Medici", based on an original Renaissance pattern spans a broad arc between the summery Florentine Palazzo flair and Elizabethan country houses. Perfect for a stylish modern interior straight from a history book!
Confusion, a monochrome pattern from the viennese designer Thomas Feichtner

New Design "Confusion"

Viennese designer Thomas Feichtner has created a monochrome for the traditional manufacturer that allows the jacquard pattern on the linen to constantly change between positive and negative. The iridescent jacquard pattern is made up of intertwining...



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