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About us and our manufactory

The first mention of the weaving trade in our family can be found 500 years ago in a historical chronicle. Since then, the trade has been passed on from generation to generation – right up to the foundation of our weaving mill in 1853.
Today, our weaving mill in Austria’s Mühlviertel stands for unique Jacquard fabrics made from linen Extraordinary home textiles are made from these fabrics in our in-house sewing studio – from elegant table linen and bedding to special individual pieces.

our weaving mill
Jakob Leitner


The cornerstones of our manufactory today – an uncompromising commitment to quality combined with an unmistakeable design language - were laid decades ago by Friedrich Leitner with his vision of bringing the material of linen into the present.
With Jakob Leitner, our weaving mill is now being run by the sixth generation of our family.


The northern Mühlviertel, located in the border triangle of Bavaria, Bohemia and Upper Austria: gentle hills and primeval forests, dreamy villages embedded in delicate greenery. For 170 years now, our products have been made exclusively here, in Ulrichsberg, a small town at the foot of the Bohemian Forest.

our Home
our weaving skill


Carefully selected materials are the cornerstone of our products. The flax plant, the basis for the production of linen thread, grows in the north of France. This is spun into extraordinary yarns by our French and Italian partners - only exquisite quality is suitable for our fabrics. The result are linens that are unique in their look, feel and character.

our sewing skill


Jacquard fabrics from our linen weaving mill are something special. An interplay of thousands of threads results in designs that are unparalleled in their richness of detail. Special pieces are made from it at our sewing studio in Ulrichsberg. Here, too, attention to detail is paid to the finishing: classic threaded buttons embellish products like bedding and pillows, while tablecloths and napkins are refined with an ajour hem, a type of eyelet embroidery.

our craft


No sustainability commitment is needed for our fabrics because they have always been sustainable. Quality, durability and aesthetics are values we have held for decades. Fabrics from our company bear a unique signature that makes our products unmistakeable.
Or, as it was once so beautifully put: There are things that deserve to not have anyone convinced of them. Things that represent real value. Things that preserve timeless beauty like amber. Things that perfectly balance the future and tradition. Things that bring a pleasant standstill to the restlessness of day-to-day life. Things that celebrate good taste. Things that seem to come from another world. From a world as archaic and powerful as Mühlviertel. Right up there in Mühlviertel, where time still takes its time.


Linen weaving has its roots in a long textile tradition – we made it our mission to carry this tradition into the future. The willingness to change and renew without losing sight of our own history is an integral part of our identity and path. Thank you for accompanying us on this path for 170 years.

Leitner Leinen - since 170 Years


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