The Art of Weaving

how pleasure becomes love and love becomes a passion

Weaving is a craft profession. Everyone with two deft hands can learn it. But only a few decide to practice it. It is increasingly difficult nowadays to find enthusiastic young people for weaving. Perhaps it is because it is a demanding profession, which together with a good constitution also requires a fair amount of inspiration? We don't know the exact answer. But we do know one thing: anyone wo has found an interest in weaving will find it hard to stop. One quickly becomes aware of the enchanting aspects of this demanding profession. And then everything goes in quick succession. Love grows from pleasure in one’s profession. From love grows passion. And suddenly your craft becomes art that encompasses timeless beauty. It is that simple.
The art of weaving
Quality linen textile

Allow me to make you a promise.
A promise of aesthetic.
A promise of quality.
A promise for generations.

Friedrich Leitner
The history of LEITNER Leinen
It is no mere coincidence that LEITNER Leinen was established in Austria’s Mühlviertel region, where, since the Middle Ages, flax has been cultivated out of the necessity of making a virtue out of the unfavourable soil conditions.
The LEITNER Leinen manufacture today
Would you like to experience LEITNER quality "in person"? Are you looking for exceptional interior design elements or high-quality gifts? Then why not visit us where everything about linen begins, and where your search ends.
Festive table with quality linen from LEITNER Leinen
Depending on the concept required, LEITNER Leinen serves as either an element that defines an entire design concept, or provides a simple, understated accent. Below are a number of examples to illustrate what is possible with LEITNER Leinen, and of those who have given their trust to the company and its quality.



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