The new 2018 Designs

Pillowcase Intario & Ornato

The Abundance of Nature

Our new collection presents nature in all of it’s facets. Flowers and leaves meet baroque shapes in contemporary interpretations.

Ornato (Art. 264)

This pattern feels like an invitation to leisurely stroll through a French garden! Baroque shapes, floral accents and lavish ornamental leaves resurrect the symmetrical borders of the castle gardens of the Ancien Régime - truly worthy of every Sun King. This kind of French opulence ennobles every modern interior, highlighting it perfectly.

"Intarsio" (Art. 265)

Spring has sprung! Stylised tulips, roses and gerbera daisies play with gently curved diamond shapes, vines and circular or hexagonal ornaments - the abundance of nature is displayed here through floral diversity. A fascinating design, a stage for the beauty of flowers. You can be sure: this wealth does plenty of justice to sophisticated interior design.

"Friuli" (Art. 520)

Flowers, leaves - shadowy, with soft contours. The Friuli pattern draws the eye, lets it wander curiously and then finally realise: fantasy knows no bounds. Its soft base colour gives it a purist interior design style and can provide a contemporary balance to a country house atmosphere.

"Erosion" (Art. 521)

Sophisticated plays between light and dark like those in an abstract watercolour painting - inspired by natural rock formations or a frozen water surface. Chatoyant, barely visible shades of colour captivate, delicate textures and smooth transitions seem to have been thrown onto the fabric by a confident stroke of a brush. A pattern that exudes a sense of calm and awakens in us the ability of conscious perception.

"Confusion" (Art. 447)

Bath linens that pay tribute to exclusive spas - a lavish accessory for modern bathrooms. This pattern features lines that appear to intertwine in Gordian knots, resulting in a three-dimensional effect. A sophisticated pattern of chic elegance and simplicity, created for contemporary bathroom design.



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