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Throw Voltaire - 254

The Voltaire bed throw will adorn your bedroom with a delicate jacquard pattern. Our bed throws are made for you either as lightweight bedspreads with a classy ajour hem or as a lined throw.
Purple - 54
Basic throw
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Perfect elegance in the bedroom. Three versions of this half-linen throw are available. The simple throw is finished with a 10-centimetre-wide hemstitch, a form of eyelet embroidery. In the especially elegant version as a lined throw, two layers of fabric are lined with fleece and joined together. The top sheet design is the summery alternative to conventional bed linen.


  • fine half-linen
  • various designs
  • sewn to order

About this fabric

Voltaire is made of high-quality linen and fine cotton. The lightweight half-linen fabric features a finely drawn and unobtrusive pattern which blends into any ambience. Voltaire creates elegant bed linen or light table linen, but is also suitable for universal use.


  • high-quality half-linen
  • delicately patterned

About our manufacture

Our weaving mill in the Mühlviertel region of Austria has been manufacturing fabrics since 1853. Our family business is now in its 6th generation of management and stands for natural high-quality textiles. With special devotion we have commited ourselves to Jacquard weaving, a technique that allows for richly detailed patterns. The linen yarns for our half-linen fabrics are a 100% European product. The strictest quality criteria also apply to the selection of our cottons. This will become apparent when you hold our products in your hands.

Our values

  • Family business in 6th generation
  • European linen
  • woven & sewn in Austria

The right care

You needn’t worry too much about the correct care of linen products. As long as you follow a few simple tips, you will continue to enjoy our products for a long time. Do not overfill the drum, and do not use water-saving programmes. Although we recommend a washing temperature of 40 °C, our products can also be washed at 60 °C without any problem. It is best to use mild liquid detergent without fabric brighteners or softeners, and at low spin speeds. Linen is best ironed while it is still damp.

Our tips

  • Half-linen loves to be washed
  • We recommend a washing temperature of 40 °C or 60 °C
  • Please do not use fabric brighteners or softeners
  • Water-saving programmes are harmful to products made of natural fibres
  • Suitable for tumble dryers

Voltaire - 254

Simple yet refined, the new Voltaire semi-linen design appears symmetrical at first glance, and graphically fragmented upon closer inspection. Its craquelée effect exudes both historical and postmodern appeal, and complements the current trend for dissolution of form. Particularly attractive in pastel or smoky tones for home and table decor.


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