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Terry towel Rosetta - 443

Terry cloth
The Rosetta range of hand towels delights with its historical arabesque. The special quality terry fabric product is made from a blend of linen and cotton and is available in a variety of sizes, from face cloth to bath towel.
Anthrazit - 89


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Our terry towels are available in several different sizes, from face towels through large bath towels. The linen content ensures a pleasant and natural feeling on the skin, but also brings a soothing peeling effect. The patterns and colours are coordinated and can be combined with each other.


  • fine terry
  • several sizes

About this fabric

Rosetta terry is made of 80% cotton and 20% linen. Its linen content gives the towels and robes their special feel. The natural tone is coordinated across the different colours and patterns, enabling every colour and pattern to be combined with each other to superb effect.


  • Cotton linen terry
  • harmonious colours
  • selected patterns
  • several sizes

About our manufacture

Our weaving mill in the Mühlviertel region of Austria has been manufacturing fabrics since 1853. Our family business is now in its 6th generation of management and stands for natural high quality textiles. With special devotion we have commited ourselves to Jacquard weaving, a technique that allows for richly detailed patterns.

Our values

  • Family business in 6th generation
  • European linen
  • woven & sewn in Austria

The right care

Terry products are easy to care for. The drum can be filled to capacity, and we recommend a washing temperature of 60 °C. The use of water-saving programmes is not generally recommended for products made from natural fibres. A cycle in the tumble dryer will restore the towels to their original softness. During the washing or in the tumble dryer, the borders may shrink a little more than the rest of the towel. If you wish to rectify this, simply pull the border back into shape gently by hand while it is still damp. Terry is a fabric that has fabric loops by nature, so it is not a quality defect if a loop should ever come loose. If this occurs, please do not pull on the loop, just cut it off instead.

Our tips

  • The towels are absorbent after the first wash
  • Tumble dry for softness
  • Do not put towels in the drum together with products that have zips or similar
  • Do not use water-saving programmes
  • Please do not use fabric brighteners or softeners

Rosetta - 443

Romanticism loves attention – to occupy centre-stage. After a relaxing hot bath, wrapping yourself in the Rosetta bath towel, adorned with an ornate pattern at its centre, is probably the nicest way of saying "This is my time …." Or, if you prefer, "your time …."


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