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Bedlinen set Friuli - 256

The linen Friuli bedding consists of two duvets and two pillows and enchants with playful baroque elements. At Leitner Leinen, you can freely choose and combine the sizes of duvet and pillow.
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Linen bedding has special qualities: linen fibres can absorb a lot of moisture and release it back into the environment, creating a wonderful and healthy sleeping climate. Such bed linen also keep you pleasantly cool in the summer and provide cosy warmth in the winter. Our bed linen sets consist of two pillowcases and two duvet covers. Classic thread buttons are used as a closure option.


  • 100% linen
  • healthy sleep
  • pleasant sleeping climate
  • perfect for every season
  • cut straight along the thread
  • sewn to order

About this fabric

The Friuli design captivates with a baroque pattern in a vintage look and is one of the most popular patterns in our collection. Its pattern is based on a fabric quality with a particularly high thread density: this not only results in the creation of extremely high-quality fabrics, but the number of threads also allows for the weaving of particularly detailed patterns.


  • fine pure linen
  • baroque visuals in vintage look
  • several colours available

About our manufacture

Our weaving mill in the Mühlviertel region of Austria has been manufacturing fabrics since 1853. Our family business is now in its 6th generation of management and stands for natural high-quality textiles. With special devotion we have commited ourselves to Jacquard weaving, a technique that allows for richly detailed patterns. Our products made from pure linen, are a 100% European product from the farmer’s field through to the finished fabric, and are woven and sewn at our manufactory in Ulrichsberg.

Our values

  • Family business in 6th generation
  • European linen
  • woven & sewn in Austria

The right care

You needn’t worry too much about the correct care of linen products. As long as you follow a few simple tips, you will continue to enjoy our products for a long time. Do not overfill the drum, and do not use water-saving programmes. Although we recommend a washing temperature of 40 °C, our products can also be washed at 60 °C without any problem. It is best to use mild liquid detergent without fabric brighteners or softeners, and at low spin speeds. Linen is best ironed while it is still damp.

Our tips

  • Linen loves to be washed
  • We recommend a washing temperature of 40 °C or 60 °C
  • Water-saving programmes are harmful to products made of natural fibres
  • Avoid using water-saving programmes

Friuli - 256

With Friuli, Leitner Leinen has revived a true textile gem. This opulent pure-linen jacquard is based on a sacred linen stole that was crafted between 1730 and 1740 and is today owned by the church of Chiesa di Ognissanti in Sutrio, Italy. Its elaborately curved ornamentation consisting of tendrils, flowers and spiralling foliage is very typical of baroque design. Leitner has not only drawn inspiration from this look but created a perfect replica for its collection, which will optically enhance any stylish table or ambient living space.


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