Summer 2018

The beach towel Havanna und Palmette by Leitner Leinen

The beach towel by Leitner Leinen

The glistening of the sea, the lapping sounds of the waves, a fiery-red sunset on the horizon - nothing says "summer" more than this. We have dedicated ourselves to translating this idea into colour and design. The new patterns speak of joie de vivre and light-hearted happiness, as an expression of the joy of pure colour. As so often, they virtuously play with the viewer’s imagination. When you see the new beach towels, you are whisked away to the Caribbean; you imagine yourself on a dive, exploring the colourful world beneath the surface of the waves. As clams sway gently back and forth with the current, majestic corals beckon with lush red hues. You’ll even find the finest sand here. These designs truly have what it takes to inspire your dreams. It’s no wonder that the new colour "Sunset" plays the same game. Her name hints at what you will feel when you see her. A sense of melancholy about the day drawing to a close, paired with the joy of witnessing one of the world’s oldest natural wonders. An exotic performance - how tempting!

Beach Towel "Havanna" (Art.438)

Dive in. Dive down. Your eyes glide over a sun-drenched seabed amid its underwater universe. Strong turquoise strikes a balance with bright algae, daringly interspersed with majestic coral and a lacing of fine sand. The joie de vivre and the spirit of the Caribbean awaken in you - colourful, strong, pure. Yearning for island life? It has never been so close!

Beach Towel "Havanna" (Art.438)
Beach Towel "Palmette" (Art.439)

Beach Towel "Palmette" (Art.439)

A colourful watery garden adorned with shells gently rocking in the swell of the ocean. With a little imagination, you might even hear the eternal assonance of the waves. Each shell is ornamented by its own canvas of colours. These range from cool aquamarine to the fresh green of marine fauna, on to the blazing interplay of colours of the setting sun, glowing red in the sea. Sublime, exclusive, an eye-catcher on every beach.



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