Earth. Fire. Water. Air.
To these four we have added a fifth element:

  • discover the fifth Element
    Discover the fifth Element
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Linen
    Linen Just as the earth contains the secret of fertility, fire the secret of power, water the secret of life, linen contains the secret of infinite beauty.

The secret of wealth

Wealth. What do these words really mean? That's an interesting question. And everyone has a different answer. So we'll just come right out and say what we believe that mean: joy. The joy of discovering. The joy of creating. The joy of being able to do what we love, what inspires us. The joy of moments that our linen is a port of, in all manner of circumstances. As a detail in the tapestry of life – for the past 160 years. A detail that makes the difference. The difference between something conventional and something special. That's what wealth means to us. And wealthy is he who can see it.

The secret of wealth
The Secret of Luxury

The Secret of Luxury

Luxury is not abundance, it is not mass production. Real luxury has a personal touch. It is returning to the roots of real craftmanship, to genuineness and durability of materials. We show our love for detail. As an expression for security, in which an individual being is not lost but protected. Our luxury has its roots in the safety of its origin. In Ulrichsberg, a small village in the Austrian Mühlviertel, a place of living traditions, where landscape and men meet in harmony. Luxury, which is living also in our linen.

Linen: The material that satisfies yearning

The material that satisfies yearning

The yearning for permanence, durability, quality and timeless aesthetic has us again turning in our fast living time increasingly to products that refute the consumer society. This yearning fires our passion for creating real values that show how wonderfully beautiful permanence can be.



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