New Designs 2017

new Designs 2017

From Classicism up to Modernism

As we all feel the chill of these winter months, the 2017 collection shines a spotlight on sunshine and warmth. 2017 LEITNER Leinen will be bringing the sun into your home with new designs that alternate between classic and modern in the form of "Aquarell" and "Josephine"; and the premiere of "Confusion", a design from the pen of Austrian product designer Thomas Feichtner.

"Aquarell" (Art.262)

Semi-linen design "Aquarell" shows that patterns do not always need to be pin sharp: as if painted in watercolour, floral and geometric shapes playfully merge to form a dynamic surface that could be used as an excitingly modern point of contrast within a vintage interior.

"Aquarell" (Art.262)
"Josephine" (Art.263)

"Josephine" (Art.263)

Neo-classical bouquets and symmetrical laurel wreaths give cotton design "Josephine" its distinctive Empire style. Whether in bright or muted colours, it is the perfect pattern for opulent period furniture but is also excellently suited to low-key Scandi-chic.

"Confusion" (Art.249)

Exclusively unveiled at Vienna Design Week, "Confusion" breaks with linen tradition, imparting a cool avant-garde edge to a material that is by nature highly classical. Product designer Thomas Feichtner, a regular name on the biennale and triennale scene, is responsible for the extraordinary design.

"Confusion" (Art.249)



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