Have allergies? Choose linen

Allergy-sufferers benefit from linen bedsheets

Linen is a fabric that is not only beautiful but also features many great properties. One of them is its hypo-allergenic nature, which is especially noticeable in linen bedsheets.

Allergies can lower your quality of sleep

Nothing is more bothersome than a dust mite allergy that prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. Allergic reactions to these mites are common.
Symptoms include sneezing in the morning, inflamed mucous membranes, a runny nose and itchy eyes.
Unfortunately, dust mites feel right at home in the bedroom. They live in mattresses, pillows and blankets, and feed on dead skin cells.
It is more or less impossible to get rid of mites completely, but you can make life tough for them in your bedroom!
And this is exactly where linen comes in.

Allergies can lower your quality of sleep
Have allergies? Choose linen!

Have allergies? Choose linen!

As a pure natural product, linen is dust and dirt repellent thanks to its natural wax coating. Plus, it is considered lightly anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
Our high-quality fabrics are very fine and tightly woven. Dust and mites can’t collect on its smooth surface.
Linen is also highly breathable and cool. It helps prevent you from excessive sweating at night and also prevents your bed from getting too damp. After all, dust mites love a moisture-rich environment.
Mites have a harder time surviving in a dry bed. Linen is very absorbent - should you sweat despite linen’s cooling properties, it absorbs much of the moisture and releases it into the air.
We generally recommend washing your sheets at 40°C. People with allergies can wash their sheets at up to 60°C, ensuring the dust mites are killed.
If you sleep together with someone else in your bed, be sure that both of you use linen sheets to make sure mites stand no chance.

Your allergies won’t stand a chance!

Minimise your risk of allergy flare-ups with these helpful tips:

  • Air out your bedroom frequently and keep your bedroom cool.
  • Air out your duvet and pillows in the fresh air regularly.
  • Do not use a bedspread or thick throw. This creates a warm environment which mites like. If you would still like to cover your bed, choose one of our linen coverlets – a thin alternative that nevertheless features all the great advantages of linen.
  • Choose a breathable mattress and a suitable mattress cover. Pay attention to the filling of your duvet and pillow.
  • Do not use an air humidifier in the bedroom.

Have a good night and don’t worry about your allergies!

Your allergies won’t stand a chance!



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